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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Before i know the true LOVE...

Wounded Love...

An empty street , an empty home,
A big hole inside my heart,
I’m all alone
I would tell you even in hard,
Rain or shine
Every time we’re apart I nearly lost my mind,
Because this love inside me is strong,
There’s no boundaries that I could hold for long.

The word LOVE,
A special word for both you and me,
A special bond one can’t see,
But always feels by heart deeply,
While once you make it simply,
There’s no other way to flee
From your heart to feel guilty,
Always be with you for all eternity.
But I’m still
Waiting for your real,
With all promises that could heal
As you’ve tight me up to the hill,
Either to make me smile or chill,
I’m still waiting and still
Showing you my all fealty,
Although there’s just a fake love for me to feel.

I don’t want to feel the way I do,
I just want always be right here with you,
Although you’ve forget me,
Although I know you’ve loathe me,
Just the way you stress reality
Yet we’re not meant to be,
Till the end of my life,
I know our love wasn’t built on lies.
If I could have just one wish,
I would like to wake up in bleach,
To mislay our memory and dump
So that I couldn’t feel any numb,
Forcing  myself to pound
My heart which was already wound.

loving u is da best moment although almost all of da time i was accompanied by my own tears and sadness...loving someone like u taught me a lot of meanings in  real life...
created originally by,
~fiqah alias~

Juz  for  someone...


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